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 Hello read me..

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PostSubject: Hello read me..   Sun Aug 15, 2010 11:05 pm

Hey whats up, I just started playin this game again and im lookin for a kick ass server, this sounds like one but I got some questions. if you could awnser them that would be kick ass.
1. Do you level up really fast? Are there rbs?
2.Max level?
3. lots of pkin action?
4. is it enjoyable?
5. Can I download it and play it if i decide to right now? ( I know how to download a game so you dont need to give me a step by step lol)
6. Can i create a account on the game I didnt see anywhere to do so when i did a scim threw the site and such.
7. Is there alot of staff? cuz to many staff is just gay and lame.
8. alot of hackers and cheats? like that skill hack shit cuz I know how to make that impossible for all the unskilled hackers

Alright I think that wraps up all my questions hope to get some responses.
btw Im TheVillian420 obviously if you read the side. you dont need to know my real name blah blah 17 joining army yadayada nice meet all of you and maybe ill see you guys in game ill be the easy target to kill till I level up
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Hello read me..
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